Happy Eid Mubarak

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Best Eid ul Adha Poetry 2017

Best Eid ul Adha Poetry 2017

The event you are going to the Eid wallpapers, photos, greeting cards, pictures, images that should be looking for, Eid-related equipment such as Whatsapp Arena profile page. FB DP, SMS, wishes, messages, Urdu Shayari, desires, Whatsapp status, funny sms, quotes, saying the next, and gifts and so on. In this article, we will advance the Festival Urdu verse. You can use poetry festival to wish their loved ones. Similarly, you can share them Bakrid 2017.

You can use these Eid verse to wish your loved ones. If you like different long-range interpersonal communication sites and applications Facebook, Google+, Twitter, adding, Whatsapp, of Instagram, hm- can share their verse like chatt and etc. Bakrid 2017. Then look at more advanced page and get the best accumulations of Eid verse.

Eid ul Adha Poetry 2017

Suhani rainy K baad of the sun,
The Thori Si, K baad that the Hasi’s
Usi’s Tarah Happy KO AAP,
This feast of Ramadan K baad.
Eid Mubarak
– – – –
Jo Login Eid moon nikalney Ka Intezar in the Ker Rahay of the Hain,
UN K Liye Hai ARZ Itla’an of the K Wo Syria karain
kion K SE to me today Ghar Bahir nikalnay
The Koi Nahin Hai in the Ka Irad

Best Eid ul Adha Poetry 2017

The Rahoon Ki Ka Yadoon in which you hold of you Shaam Aur
Mein Apni palkoon from the hargiz sitare the NA layain Gay
K Tum in Rakhna to uphold the Chund of khushiyan negligible liye
EID Manain gay Phir primary Laut in K aaonga …
“Eid Mubarak”
– – – –
Mangte Hain Eid prayer murmur K racket,
The NA Rahe Eid party of the common man no sorrow K racket,
From Aap from the utre K Angan Mein Har roz the twelve moon khushion
Or, on the other hand Mehakta Rahe’s pholon SA Chaman EID on K noise.
– – – –
Sufi Soap
Lado soap
Robin O’Neil
Kashmir banaspati
Habib cooking oil
Dalda banaspati
Incense Agarbatti Metro Milan
In 7up,
Masla national tour,
Surf exceeded expectations,
Lipton Tea
Distribution frozen yogurt
Aur Meri in the taraf SE BOHUT
Eid Mubarak

Eid Eid Mubarke Mubarke
Our festival has
Us peace
We like to bring
Charish to our lives
It’s time
We meet Muslims
Shoulder to bear
It’s time
We share the Muslims
Our intent share
Sec and accept
Eid Eid Mubarke Mubarke
– – – –
Jine Ki Nayi from the Humein the ussne Adaa High
Hai Ki Rehne the khussh of the ussne prayer.
Aaye Khuda the Usko Saara dena of the jaha
Mein Hai from the Jagah the Humein of the Jisne Apne of dill.

Best Eid ul Adha Wallpapers 2017

Jaltay jagmagatay Rahay the Dark,
From apko AAP Hamain Yaad aatay Rahay murmur,
Jub Zindagi Hai from the tick, it Hamari Hai to ask,
Aap Ki Tarah Be the Eid K jagmagatay.
Eid Mubarak
– – – –
Sara shines noise, bright tar are raat
Noise in Haryana Jaib Eid Kay says, rainy khushion
Eid Mubarak

Best Eid ul Adha Images 2017

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